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Bolton Hill OnLine & MRIA E-mail Contacts
Home phone #'s and e-mail address are not published here, please use the email addresses below if you need more information. Also, to cut down on spam, we've published the mail without a functioning link. Copy the address and substitute @ for (at).
Bolton Hill OnLine  webmaster(at) ... for issues & questions related to this web site only, especially technical issues.
webcommittee(at) ... for policy questions and minor problems and corrections about this web site and the Bolton Hill Bulletin Board.
(Bolton Hill E-mail Network)
-BHEN (Bolton Hill Email Network) is an email network, not a list-serve, i.e., members of the group send messages to the manager for distribution. The manager then distributes the message to the group; members of the group do not send messages to the group.
- BHEN is restricted to urgent messages such as Safety, Lost/found pets/keys, as well as MRIA announcements.
- People send information about these issues to BHEN(at)
- Assuming that it meets the above criteria, the message BHEN receives is simply forwarded, as is, to the group.
- Announcements of a non-MRIA, public event should be sent to calendar(at)
- Do not reply to BHEN; instead reply to the person who originated the message.
- To subscribe or unsubscribe, send a message to BHEN(at)
Membership Coordinator members(at)  ... inquiries on membership issues.
Architectural Review Committee architecture(at) ... Coordinates Architectural Review issues
Home Improvement
Resources Directory
hird(at) ... Coordinates recommendations for home & property services vendors
MRIA Secretary secretary(at) ... handles inquires and issues for monthly meetings and or coordination w/ specific MRIA committees and their Chairs. 
Parking Issues parking(at)  .. coordinator of Area 3 parking permit issues.
Block Captain Coordinator pres(at) ... handles issues & inquiries for Block Captains
MRIA Welcoming Committee newneighbors(at) ... coordinates the welcoming committee which holds an annual "welcome to the neighborhood" party for new resident homeowners.
MRIA President pres(at) ... (does everything else!)

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