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MRIA: Our Neighborhood Association

The Mount Royal Improvement Association (MRIA) is the key to enhancing the quality of life in Bolton Hill. With approximately 500 members who live and/or work in the neighborhood, MRIA strives to keep Bolton Hill beautiful, clean, and safe. MRIA provides the forum for this diverse community to define issues, take advantage of opportunities, and respond to challenges.
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Working through its board of directors, committees, and block captains, MRIA’s broad range of projects and achievements benefit Bolton Hill residents. For example, MRIA:

  • Protects Bolton Hill’s historic character:
    The Architectural Review Committee works with property owners who are planning exterior changes. The committee reviews all plans so they will conform to the requirements of the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP). The committee must approve all exterior changes ranging from paint color to construction style.


  • Monitors zoning changes: 
    The Zoning Committee prevents zoning violations in Bolton Hill. Receiving regular reports from the Baltimore City Planning Department, it reviews and must approve all requests for zoning variances.


  • Maintains clean streets, parks, and alleys: The Neighborhood Clean-up Committee, working with the Midtown Community Benefits District office, ensures that properties are well maintained, reports problems, and conducts two annual clean-up campaigns. 
  • Increases traffic safety: Developing and implementing long-range plans, the Traffic Committee works to increase the safety of neighborhood streets by adding stop signs and traffic signals and rerouting buses as required.Enhances public safety: The Safety Committee manages an array of crime prevention programs that have made Bolton Hill one of the safest communities in downtown Baltimore. The programs, all managed by volunteers, include Walkers Patrol, Citizens on Patrol, Court Watch, and quick alerts via BHEN, the Bolton Hill E-mail Network. For safety program specifics


  • Monitors liquor outlets: The Liquor License Committee maintains a freeze on the number and types of liquor licenses in Bolton Hill and has also prevented abuse of licenses
  • Welcomes new neighbors: The Welcome Committee provides new neighbors with a packet of need-to-know information, a complimentary MRIA membership, valuable coupons, and an invitation to a party to introduce them to other neighbors. If you are a new neighbor and would like to attend the next Newcomer Welcome, email the Welcome Committee at

(For further information on any of these projects or committees, please e-mail the MRIA executive secretary.)

The work of MRIA enables community members to:

  • Increase their effectiveness by speaking in one voice.
  • Take leadership roles in multi-community and citywide projects and programs that affect our neighborhood. 
  • And last, but not least, experience the fun and satisfaction of joining neighbors in common efforts and shared celebrations. 

Good communication is how we get things done. MRIA sponsors a variety of communication tools including:  

  • Bolton Hill OnLine: (this web site) featuring: a community bulletin board, volunteer opportunities, apartment listings, and the Home Improvement Resource Directory
  • Bolton Hill Bulletin:  MRIA’s monthly printed newsletter for members
  • BHEN  (Bolton Hill E-mail Network, described above)
  • Monthly Meetings:  Our meetings provide a regular forum for residents to discuss opportunities and concerns, plan activities and strategies, and volunteer to serve on committees.  

Membership in MRIA benefits individual residents as well as the community. Learn more about membership benefits and join us today!   

Other Organizations important to Bolton Hill

In addition to MRIA, Bolton Hill has a number of associations and organizations that meet the needs of specific groups of people, often focusing on only a "corner" of the neighborhood. CLICK HERE for more information.

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