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MRIA Sponsored Safety Programs

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The MRIA sponsors a variety of safety-related programs and activities. 
These include:

BHEN – Bolton Hill E-Mail Network
BHEN is the primary avenue of communication for safety programs. It reaches approximately 800 individuals and families alerting them to any crime that happens in the area. Also enlists volunteers for the other safety programs. A number of city officials are active participants in BHEN including our City Council representative, Central Police District Commander, neighborhood police sergeant, Midtown Benefits District staff, and many more. Originally begun as a service to MRIA members, BHEN is now available to any interested resident or visitor to the Bolton Hill neighborhood.

Brightly lit sidewalks and alleys are a major deterrent to crime. The street lights in our neighborhood are very attractive but do not cast much light, so MRIA is encouraging residents to install additional lighting. If your house does not have a front entry light on the facade of your house or motion detector lighting at the rear of your house, please consider adding them. For detailed guidelines CLICK HERE.

Unfortunately the Midtown Community Benefits District no longer offers grants to cover part of the cost.

Groups of 3 – 8 people gather in the evenings to walk around the neighborhood for an hour. There are two such groups in Bolton Hill, each with a captain and the necessary accoutrements (T-shirts, flash lights, cell phone, etc.). While walking, the patrols communicate with the police if they see anything that looks suspicious. They also make 311 reports to note any property that needs attention.

Volunteers for COP drive for one hour a month, patrolling the neighborhood for suspicious activity. Drivers use their own cars, placing a magnetic sign on the door for easy identification. Radios and/or cell phones are used to communicate with the Midtown Benefits District safety officers and the police. CLICK HERE for more information. To volunteer for COP, contact the MRIA secretary.

The Court Watch program is successful in reducing crime through maximum sentencing and “stay away” orders at trials. The program is based on the fact that one person often commits several crimes in a neighborhood. When that person is arrested, the crimes stop. The success of the Court Watch program sends the message that it is not cost-effective to commit crimes in Bolton Hill. For more information, contact
Court Watch.  

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