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MRIA Meetings:
Minutes 2008
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Officers and Board members present: John Kyle, Richard Rosenthal, Tim Ingles, Joe Libercci, Yolanda Takesian, Barbara White, Patsy Andrews, Lee Bowers, Johns Hopkins, Doug Kelso, Keiffer Mitchell, Mike Molla, Ellen Richardson, Wesley Wood, Omar Calderon, Carrie Cass, Joan Garlow, Susan Henson-Haun, Darryl Lemons, Ira Maine, Tod Myers, Donna Beth Joy Shapiro.

President John Kyle called the meeting to order at 8:06 p.m.

The minutes of the December MRIA Board meeting were approved.

Sgt Hess reported 3 robberies and 2 burglaries in the past month.  He also said a drug unit is now a part of Central District.  The community-police meeting will be at 7 p.m. January 23.  The topic of the meeting is zoning.

Susan Henson-Haun Co-chair of the committee to reestablish COP, reported that a training session will be held for volunteers.  More walkers are always needed.  New volunteers can contact Susan at

Councilman Bill Cole was represented by his Community Liaison, Brittany Donald.  Doreen Rosenthal, who also works with Councilman Cole, said MRIA members would get instructions on BHEN to join Cole’s email list.  The Councilman plans to attend the February MRIA Board meeting.

President Kyle said 30-40 residents have responded to the Midtown Safety plan.  Most suggestions regard improved lighting, both on city and private properties.  Responses may be sent to

President Kyle announced State Center Development meetings on January 17 and 23.
Peter Merles said recycling bins are available at the Midtown office, 1221 N. Calvert St.

Justin McArthur suggested that MRIA conduct a sidewalk inventory to determine the need for repairs.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

Officers and Board Members present: John Kyle, Polly Duke, Tim Ingles, Barry Blumberg, Richard Rosenthal, David Rocah, Sarah Cross, Gayle Guilford, Karen Helm, Julie McArthur, Barbara White, Patsy Andrews, Lee Bowers, Penny Catzen, Ashley Chertkof, Doug Kelso, Mike Molla, Ellen Richardson, Vanessa Billings, Carrie Cass, Charlie Duff, Joan Garlow, Susan Henson-Haun, Ira Maine, Tod Myers, Donna Beth Joy Shapiro.

President John Kyle called the meeting to order at 8:05. 
The minutes of the January MRIA Board meeting were approved.

Sgt. Charles Hess reported 15 arrests, 1 robbery, and 2 burglaries during the month.  Bicycle officers are now patrolling Bolton Hill.  The monthly Police-Community
liaison meeting is held on the 4th Wednesday of the month in Room 110 in the Bunting Building.

Susan Henson-Haun announced the Citizens on Patrol kickoff to be held in Room 110 in MICA’s main administration building on February 7 at 7 p.m.

Councilman Bill Cole greeted the assembly and invited his constituents to contact him when a problem arises.  He mentioned that he had a meeting scheduled with Prince Hall Masons to discuss ongoing noise and parking problems as a result of late night parties at the facility.

President Kyle reminded those in attendance of the February 16 meeting on the State Center redevelopment.

President Kyle announced the impending appointment of a nominating committee (composed of 3 board members and 2 non-board members).  The nominating committee will report a slate of MRIA officers and directors at the April 1 Board meeting with elections to be held at the MRIA annual meeting on May 6.

Guest speaker Paul Fenn explained the process of appeals of recent property tax re-assessments, the advantage of appeals, and the portability of the homestead tax credit.  He provided information or answers to all the questions the audience asked.


Officers and Board members present: John Kyle, Tim Ingles, Barry Blumberg, Richard Rosenthal, David Rocah, Sarah Cross, Gayle Guilford, Yolanda Takesian, Barbara White, Dahlia Woody, Patsy Andrews, Lee Bowers, Ashley Chertkof, Doug Kelso, Mike Molla, Ellen Richardson, Vanessa Billings, Carrie Cass, Charlie Duff, Joan Garlow, Susan Henson-Haun, Darryl Lemons, Ira Maine, Tod Myers, Donna Beth Joy Shapiro.

President John Kyle called the meeting to order at 8:05 p.m.

The minutes of the February meeting were approved as presented.

Sgt. Charles Hess reported 2 robberies, one of which might be a shoplifting incident at Save-a-Lot.  Councilman Bill Cole will be the speaker at the Police-Community meeting March 26 at 7 p.m. in the Bunting Building at MICA.  Sgt. Hess also explained that there is a Police initiative called “Adopt a Block.”  A party will be held May 3 at the corner of Linden St. and North Avenue to celebrate the block that has been adopted near Bolton Hill.

Treasurer Barry Blumberg presented the quarterly finance report.

A motion was made and passed that MRIA work with ArtScape event planners and Councilman Bill Cole to request that RPP rules be in effect for the Saturday and Sunday of ArtScape weekend.

A motion was offered to support Spicer’s Run Homeowners Association in its request that the city install a fence along North Avenue between the easternmost endpoint of the existing Spicer’s Run fence to the end of Maple Leaf Park.  The motion passed.  The President will send a letter of support.

The following motion was amended to include that the letter be circulated among the Board before it is submitted to the Commission.  The amended motion was approved unanimously by the Board.
“The MRIA Board of Directors authorizes its Executive Committee to develop and submit comments (e.g., a letter or testimony) on behalf of MRIA to the Commission on Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) concerning the recently drafted standards and procedures [see].  The Executive Committee is authorized to do so only after seeking advice from members of the MRIA Architectural Review Committee, the Historic Districts Council, and individual MRIA members with historic preservation expertise.  Any such comments will focus on the appropriateness of the standards, the consistency of standards, uniqueness of neighborhoods, improved enforcement, support for significant roles of neighborhood Architectural Review Committees, and improving education of staff & residents.”

In a motion that passed unanimously, the Board authorized the Executive Committee to work in support of the Spicer’s Run Homeowners Association and the Reservoir Hill Improvement Council in their efforts to improve the disruptive, potentially dangerous, and possibly illegal situation of the Linden Lounge at North Avenue and Linden.

A motion was made and passed that MRIA sponsor – including modest financial support as needed for refreshments, meeting space, and materials – a walkabout and facilitated conversation re: the State Center development.  The time will be announced later.

President Kyle announced that a letter to support the renovation of the Memorial Apartments had been approved and will be sent to the Board of Memorial Apartments. Due to time constraints, the draft letter and answers to several questions were circulated to the MRIA Board of Directors by e-mail.  There were 26 positive responses and no negative responses.

In other announcements, President Kyle, noted the invitation from Midtown Benefits to Bolton Hill residents to attend the Spring Town Hall meeting March 19.
 He also said that MRIA has sent a letter of support for work in the Eutaw Place median.  The potential grant this time is for $25,000, in capital funds from Healthy Neighborhoods. 
At the invitation of the Atrium, President Kyle met with Councilman Bill Cole and leaders of the Prince Hall Masons to determine ways to better control noise and parking issues when parties are held at the former synagogue’s lower level at Lanvale and Jordan Streets.  A follow up meeting is being planned.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


Officers and Board Members Present: John Kyle, Polly Duke, Tim Ingles, Barry Blumberg, David Rocah, Richard Rosenthal, Keiffer Mitchell, Julie McArthur, Tod Myers, Susan Hanson-Haun, Lee Bowers, Ellen Richardson, Sarah Cross, Ira Maine, Carrie Cass, Patsy Andrews, Mike Molla, Gayle Guilford, Donna Beth Joy Shapiro, Penny Catzen, Ashley Chertkof, Barbara White, Doug Kelso

Meeting called to order by President John Kyle at 8:05 p.m.

March Minutes were approved as presented.

New Neighbors
Miriam Kaiser, President of Park Purchase III Association introduced herself.

Citizen on Patrol
John Kyle reported that 60 people were walking with 8 different walking groups organized.

Crime Report
Sgt Hess made crime report. Major Bailey is interested in joining one of the walking groups, so MRIA should provide to Sgt Hess the dates when groups are walking.

Nominating Committee – Julie McArthur presented report for the committee comprised of
Julie McArthur, (Chair) MRIA Board; Ashley Chertkof, MRIA Board; Ira Maine, MRIA Board; Perry Cooper, MRIA member; and Debbie Diehl, MRIA member.

Officers Term ending 2009
President: John E. Kyle, 1610 Park Avenue (re-election)
1st Vice President: Polly Duke, 1408 Bolton Street (re-election)
2nd Vice President: Ashley Chertkof, 1401 John Street
Treasurer: Barry Blumberg, 1329 Bolton Street (re-election)
General Counsel: Richard Rosenthal, 130 W. Lanvale Street (re-election)
Past President: David Rocah, 1902 Eutaw Place (re-election)

Board of Directors, Term ending 2011:
Gayle Guilford, 1201 Bolton Street (re-election) Connie Lieder, 1510 Park Avenue
Justin McArthur, 1708 Bolton Street Linda Rittelmann, 248 Waxter Way
Yolanda Takesian, 1205 Bolton Street (re-election) Jeff Thompson, 1315 Park Avenue
Julie Thorne, 1808 Bolton Street Carlo Von Grieken, 1820 Eutaw Place
Bill Wells, 1219 John Street Dahlia Woody, 1403 Eutaw Place (re-election)

Board of Directors, Term ending 2009:
Tim Ingles, 301 W. Lanvale Street (completion of Ashley Chertkof’s term)

State Center
On Saturday, April 12, MRIA’s State Center Committee is hosting a walk about to experience and provide feedback to the developers. Follow up meeting will be held in May.
Residential Parking
Patsy Andrews was thanked once again for coordinating the parking pass permit pickup and the negotiations for organizations requiring passes.

Baltimore Choral Arts requested one additional pass. A motion to approve was made by Barbara White; motion was seconded and approved, 9 in favor, 5 against. No one from the 1300 block of Park Ave was represented.

School of the Bible has requested one pass. In previous years they got a parking pass as “resident;” this year it was required that they apply under the community organization parking status. Tod Myers made a motion to approve; motion was seconded and carried, 15 for and 6 against.

Midtown Academy requested an increase from 10 to 20 passes. Donna Hager, President of Midtown Academy board, spoke in favor of the request. Ashley Chertkof made a motion to deny additional passes, Doug Kelso seconded. Motion carried 12 to 8.

It was suggested that the distribution of the organizational parking passes be studied so that next year a system would be in place for a more equitable distribution.

Barry Blumberg presented the budget for 2008-2009. Penny Catzen moved to approve, Gayle Guilford seconded, and the budget was adopted as presented.

By-law changes
John Kyle reviewed the proposed bylaw changes to be presented to the MRIA membership at the Annual Meeting. These proposed amendments make changes in 4 areas.

1. to create a new elected member of the executive committee, a Secretary, who would primarily be a recording secretary (minutes, roll call, list of board members, name tags).

2. to make the executive secretary a NOT required position (may VS shall) but still leaving it in the bylaws so it is a possibility

3. to reduce board size gradually from 30 to 21 over next 3 years (reduce by 3 each election season starting next year)

4. to clean up some language (one typo, clarity about sending of notices, about immediate past president being a member of the executive committee, about executive secretary being appointed, not elected.

A motion to accept Bylaw changes related to 1, 2, and 4 was made by Doug Kelso, seconded by Ira Maine. Motion carried. The changes will be presented to the Membership.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:10. Minutes prepared by Polly Duke.


Officers and Board members present:


Officers and Board members present:


Officers and Board members present:


Officers and Board members present:


Officers and Board members present:


Officers and Board members present:


Officers and Board members present:


Officers and Board members present:


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