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Home Improvement Resources:
Home Improvement Resources Directory
If you have had a good or bad experience with a contractor,
tradesperson, home improvement company, or other home resource,
let your neighbors know! Please send the following information to:
Please include:
Your name, email and phone
Name of Company and/or Person
Telephone numbers
E-mail addresses
Your comments
The Home Improvement Resources Directory is a list of electricians, plumbers,
painters, and other workers recommended by your Bolton Hill neighbors.
The list is maintained by a volunteer for the MRIA.


To be useful, HIRD must be up to date. MRIA relies on you for information.

PLEASE NOTE: Inclusion in this list implies neither a recommendation nor an endorsement by the MRIA, or its volunteers, of any of the contractors or tradespeople listed within. Those who use this list do so completely at their own risk.

Listings are added to the HIRD after a single positive comment that is sent to the HIRD Volunteer from a neighborhood resident.

Listings are removed upon receipt of 3 complaints by the HIRD Volunteer over any time period. Once removed from the list, a contractor will not be relisted for at least 1 year, and can only be reinstated to the list upon recommendation by a neighborhood resident for whom they have completed recent work.

The HIRD Volunteer does not scan the website bulletin board for comments, positive or negative, so please send them my way, directly to!

Some listings on the HIRD are followed by a date in parentheses. This is the date when the listing was first included the directory. Those listings without a date were on the list prior to early 2005, when we added this new feature.

The date (or just the listing) may be followed by one or more “plus” signs (+), each of which represents an additional recommendation received on that listing. The date may also be followed by one or more “X’s” (x), each of which represents a negative recommendation received for that listing. The “plus” signs (+) and “X’s” (x) are listed in the order in which they were received.


Billy Bob's Carpentry – Billy Smith - 410-555-4179 (3/15/05, +,+,x,+)

This listing shows that Billy Bob’s was first listed on March 15th, 2005, and had 2 additional recommendations beyond the first one that created its listing. It also shows a complaint received and then another recommendation.

  1. If you find an error when contacting a company/person on the HIRD list, please contact us at
  2. Where applicable, work only with companies and individuals who are licensed by MHIC (Maryland Home Improvement Commission). It protects homeowners from contractor fraud and faulty workmanship. To determine if your contractor is licensed, call MHIC at 410-230-6309.
  3. Always ask companies for references from Bolton Hill neighbors.
  4. As a designated Historic District, no work may commence on any part of the exterior of any structure in Bolton Hill without the expressed written permission of C.H.A.P. (Commission for Historic and Architectural Preservation).  Owners must make application to CHAP for all exterior modifications to their property, (including painting, landscaping, window replacement, etc.)  Complete details can be found on the Home Improvement page of or by emailing the BH Architectural Review Committee.
  5. Also, improvement and preservation of older properties involves far more than style and design decisions.  Modern construction materials, methods, and techniques may not be appropriate for the longevity of your property. Please see the reprinted “Preservation Briefs” also available on the Home Improvement page.


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