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Parking, Permits, and How to Get One
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Email Bolton Hill's volunteer Residential Parking Permit Coordinator
Parking restrictions are in force Monday through Friday between 7AM to midnight where posted in Bolton Hill. Cars without permits may park for two hours.  

Vehicles parked for greater than 2 hours must display one of the following:

Resident Permits (Windshield Decals)

Residents of Bolton Hill may purchase annual permits (windshield decals) from the City's Residential Parking Permit (RPP) office or through the annual neighborhood registration drive. The cost is $20.00.

Vehicles must have a current MVA registration at a Bolton Hill address or have an MVA "Non-Resident Permit" for out-of-state vehicles or a notarized letter (see below)

Maryland Vehicles registered at non-Bolton Hill addresses are not eligible for Resident Permits unless it is a leased or company-car operated by a Bolton Hill Resident

  • A notarized letter from the vehicle's leasee/company stating the operator's residential address (in Bolton Hill) and relationship to the registered party is needed to obtain a residential permit for cars registered at non-Bolton Hill addresses.

Out-of -State Vehicles.  Vehicles registered out-of-state must first obtain a Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) "Non-Resident Permit" (NRP) for out of state vehicles operated in the following categories:

Student (Interns/Residents), Temporary Employment, Military and Visitors (up to 6 months)

NRP are issued at any full service MVA office, costs are $27.  Please call the MVA (800-950-1682) if you are in this situation for the exact details. They can mail you the application and instructions.

Visitor Permits (Dashboard Cards)

Each household is eligible for up to two visitor permits (cards) at $20.00 each.  Visitor Permits are usually obtained during the annual neighborhood registration or at the RRP Office, downtown. 

Please note: Visitor permits are not to be used as a substitute for a $20.00 RPP decal and are not to be sold or lent out on a regular basis. Abuse of visitor permits can lead to their confiscation. 

Temporary Permits Short-term (30-60 days)

Temporary permits are available for:

  • Vehicles that will be parked in Bolton Hill by residents for fewer than six months - $10.00 fee for each. 

Complimentary for: 

  • House guests parking fewer than 30 days 

  • Residents in the process of obtaining non-resident permits, changing their addresses, and/or needing permits within 30 days before new permits are issued. 

  • Contractors, homeowners must present contract with estimated job length written thereon.

For further information, contact Bolton Hill's volunteer RESIDENTIAL PARKING & PERMITS coordinator, or call the Residential Parking division at 443-573-2800, ext. 819 or 863.

Party Passes (Temporary, One Time Passes)
Temporary, one-time, guest passes can be issued to residents to accommodate one-time guest.  Multiple passes may be requested.  If you are having a gathering during the week, please call to received "party-passes" for your guests.  (Note: weekend functions don't need a pass because the parking restrictions are not in effect.)
Get your Annual Permit (or renewal) and Visitor Passes
  • Annual Neighborhood Registration Drive (Local Walk-in Registration) Each year a registration drive is sponsored by MRIA during February/March. Walk-in locations and times for this drive are announced on the Bulletin Board of this website, in the montly printed Bolton Hill Bulletin, and via BHEN - the Bolton Hill Electronic Network. In addition to the above schedule, the RPP coordinator may be available at other times to answer questions and assist in solving problems. 

  • Downtown,  May 1 – January 31, at the Parking Authority Office, 200 W. Lombard St., Baltimore 21201

If you missed the local or mail-in registrations, contact Bolton Hill's volunteer RPP coordinator, or call the Parking Authority's RPP office for additional instructions at 443-573-2800, ext. 819 or 863, or email the office at The office is located at 200 W. Lombard St., Baltimore, MD 21201.
The Bolton Hill Residential Parking Program issues approximately 1,000 permits annually so that residents will have a place to park that is reasonably near their homes.

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