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Parking Permits: Frequently Asked Questions
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For Parking Permits, How to Get One CLICK HERE
Email Bolton Hill's volunteer Residential Parking Permit Coordinator
The green and white signs you see around Bolton Hill are part of the Residential Permit Parking Program (RPP) administered by the Parking Authority of Baltimore City. Bolton Hill is designated as Area 3 of RPP. We issue 1100 permits annually.

How do I qualify for parking permits?
If your vehicle is registered a) in your name and b) to a Bolton Hill address, you qualify for 2 permits and 2 visitor cards per household.

How much does a permit cost?
ALL permits are $20 each (including handicapped, visitor cards). Permits are not pro-rated. Therefore, you must pay the full $20 annual fee regardless of when you register.

Where do I obtain permits?
You may register for new or renewed permits:

  1. Purchase on-line and then pick them up at a neighborhood site at the end of March -- exact dates and location announced each year on the Bulletin Board of this website, in MRIA's printed monthly Bulletin, and via BHEN -- the Bolton Hill Electronic Network.
  2. Purchase by going to the Parking Authority Office at 200 W. Lombard St., Suite B. There is free parking validation provided for RPP customers who park in Arena Garage (entrance at 99 S. Howard St.).

What documentation do I need?
-- Proof of residency within Area 3; valid driver's license in your name, vehicle registration in your name and located within Area 3. Click here for acceptable forms of documentation.
-- Check made payable to Director of Finance

When must I renew my permit?
Permits expire on March 31 of each year. You must display your new permit on or before April 1. There will be a notice on the Bulletin Board of this site and in the monthly printed Bulletin newsletter. In March, you will also receive a flier and/or a BHEN email reminder.

I traded my car for a new one. How do I get another decal?
Take part of the old sticker to the Parking Authority office, and you will be given a new one free. (Note: if you put some scotch tape over the center part of the sticker before pressing it against the glass, it will be easier to remove later.)

What should I do if I have contractors working at my house
for an extended time period?

The contractor or homeowner must register for a permit at the Parking Authority office. Take a copy of the contract with you and be prepared to estimate the time for completing the project. The permit costs $20 and is valid for up to 90 days.

How can I provide parking for guests when I have a party or other event?
To obtain updated information in response to this question, please contact Bolton Hill's volunteer parking coordinator at 410-523-2171.

What if my car is not registered to a Bolton Hill address?
a. If you are a student, you will need your student ID card and proof of residence in Bolton Hill.
b. If your car is registered outside of Maryland, you will need a non-resident permit.
c. If you have dual residence, you will need a notarized letter to that affect and utility receipts from both residences.

Click here for details.

What if the car is not registered in my name?
You will need a notarized letter from the registrant of the car and proof of residence. Examples are company cars and leased cars. For leased cars, you will also need a copy of the lease. Click here for details.

To contact Bolton Hill's volunteer Residential Parking Permit Coordinator
phone: 410-523-2171

If you have any additional questions or follow-up concerns, please contact the Parking Authority Office at or by phone at 443-573-2800, ext. 819 or 863,
Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

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